now booking projects for June
now booking projects for June

CREATIF is a strategic brand consultancy elevating beauty, wellness & lifestyle brands into icons of industry leadership. We craft brands that connect deeply with consumers, combining passion with purpose and a keen sense of social responsibility.


Founded in 2015, we are a strategic brand consultancy

Elevating beauty, wellness & lifestyle brands into icons of industry leadership

In a marketplace that evolves rapidly, we position brands not just to navigate change but to drive it.

A decade ago, Creatif was founded with a vision that transcended conventional branding. Today, Creatif is synonymous with innovation & sustainability.

As a women-led and owned consultancy, Creatif challenges the status quo in the beauty, wellness, and lifestyle industries. We craft brands that connect deeply with consumers, combining passion with purpose and a keen sense of social responsibility. Our approach is fueled by constant curiosity and a belief that creativity should break molds, not conform to them. We foster collaboration to transform visions into brands that are not only market leaders but pioneers of change. At Creatif, we’re not just preparing for a brighter future; we’re creating it.

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Where Vision Meets Innovation

Understanding market dynamics is our forte. We dive deep, gauge consumer pulses, and craft creative edges that articulate precisely how your products solve pressing problems. Our consultancy collaborates closely without the barriers of traditional account management, fostering rich ideas through direct and transparent communication.

Whether you are at the inception stage of a startup or navigating through the evolution of an established brand, we can see and solve the problems you didn’t know existed.

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Intimate Collaboration for Outstanding Results

Every project begins with a thorough market study

…followed by a strategy meticulously designed to capture your unique brand essence. We don’t just work on brands; we build immersive worlds with compelling visual and verbal narratives that prompt action. Your success reflects directly on us, making your business objectives our mission.

It’s not just about the products or services you offer; it’s about the emotions they evoke. The most powerful brands are those that touch the heart and solve key problems for their audience. Our approach isn’t only about aesthetics; it’s about crafting a deeper connection. By integrating your unique story with sound strategy and innovative design, we create brand experiences that not only resonate but also inspire action.

Sustainable Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every project. We don’t only focus on aesthetics but also on functionality—rethinking packaging to reduce logistics costs and carbon footprints, utilizing innovative materials like seaweed and mushroom, and designing systems that are as beneficial to the planet as they are to your bottom line. From reducing packaging dimensions to conceptualizing refill solutions, every choice is aimed at efficiency and sustainability.

Comprehensive Brand Development

Our services span from initial strategy and messaging to complete brand development, including branding, visual direction, packaging, websites, and beyond. Partnering with us means engaging with a team poised for long-term success, deeply invested in creating legacies that honor both our planet and its people.

Future-Forward Techniques

Creatif leads in technological integration, employing AI and 3D technologies for rapid prototyping and market testing. This streamlined approach accelerates product development, crucial for startups to secure investments and gauge market response efficiently. Our advanced e-commerce solutions enhance user experiences and boost conversion rates by leveraging these innovations to predict market trends and optimize digital platforms.

Personalized Expertise

Each brief is carefully analyzed by Irene, our creative director, who assembles a specialized team tailored to your project’s needs. This ensures that you receive the best-informed strategies and creative outputs, customized precisely for your brand’s challenges.

From eye-catching packaging designs that advocate for environmental responsibility to digital experiences that captivate and convert, we ensure every touchpoint reflects your unique essence and commitment to the future.

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At the helm of Creatif, Irene Diaz infuses nearly two decades of expertise in brand evolution and strategic foresight. Her leadership ensures that each client benefits from direct, personalized guidance, melding visionary strategy with actionable insights. Irene’s approach is hands-on: she assembles bespoke teams for each project, drawing on her profound industry experience and her history of successful collaborations with notable names like R.M. Williams, Tigerlily, and Bauer Media (Harper’s BAZAAR, or ELLE Australia). Her commitment to growth, sustainability, and innovation has consistently positioned our clients at the forefront of the beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and slow fashion industries. Under her direction, Creatif doesn’t just participate in the market—it leads it

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We’re ready to turn your challenges into opportunities setting you on a path to success and business growth. Let’s craft not just a brand, but a legacy.