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summary In the heart of Australia, a visionary embarked on a mission: to revolutionize the fragrance world with clean, natural ingredients. Envisioning a line of luxurious, natural, oil-based scented products, this pioneer sought a partner who could bring this idea to life, ensuring the essence of their vision was captured in every facet for a globally recognized brand.

our role
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Packaging Design
Packaging Production
Website Design
Social Media Design
Print Design
3D Renders
Photography & Videography
sustainability in print
For all boxes we used FSC-Certified Paper: fully recyclable and biodegradable. The pulps used are all from managed forests or reclaimed (re-used) material.

For all print we used Eco-friendly Ink which is Vegetable-based and VOC Free.

the details
Client: Asrìq
Year: 2022
Location: Sydney, Australia

Asrìq’s journey was about more than just creating scented oils; it was about setting a new standard in luxury and sustainability. The brand needed to resonate with discerning consumers who sought purity in ingredients and elegance in presentation, all while upholding environmental values, and creating a point of difference.

A unique element of Asrìq’s identity is that its fragrances are more than just scents; they are olfactory encapsulations of memories and experiences. The founder, inspired by travels to places that touched her soul, sought to share these special moments with the world. Each fragrance in Asrìq’s line is a carefully crafted olfactive journey, inviting users to immerse themselves in the essence of these cherished destinations. This approach to fragrance design is a heartfelt invitation to explore and share in these precious, sensory memories.

We embarked on this transformative journey with Asrìq. Our role was comprehensive, encompassing strategy, branding, copywriting, packaging, and much more. We understood that every element of Asrìq needed to reflect its core values: luxury, purity, and sustainability.

The Artistry Behind Asrìq’s Iconic Logo & Monogram
In designing Asrìq’s monogram, we aimed to encapsulate an aura of opulence and timeless grace, inspired by the iconic symbols of luxury. Our creative process was deeply rooted in the brand’s core values: sophistication, nature, and purity. We delved into the world of classic monograms, learning from their ability to convey brand identity and prestige in a concise yet profound manner.

The Asrìq monogram, artfully intertwining the first and last letters of the brand name, emerged as a symbol of both elegance and organic essence. This creation is not merely a logo; it’s a narrative in itself, resonating with Asrìq’s values and mirroring the enduring elegance of prestigious brands. It stands as an icon of quality and grace, a testament to the brand’s philosophy and commitment to excellence.

In developing the main logo, the selection of a custom serif typeface was pivotal, achieving a harmony of modern style and classical elegance, thereby ensuring its relevance and uniqueness.

The logo’s design intricately plays with letterforms, starting with a prominent ‘A’ to signify stature, balanced with a mix of uppercase and lowercase elements. The subtle complexity of ‘S’ and ‘Q’ being uppercase adds a layer of intrigue, crafting a narrative that captures attention and invites deeper exploration.

This nuanced typography in the logo serves a dual purpose: it creates a sense of harmony and sophistication, reflecting Asrìq’s dedication to purity and elegance, and simultaneously, it imbues the brand with a unique character, sparking curiosity and deeper connection with its audience.

left and right photography credit: ashleigh sims
photography credit: ashleigh sims
An Ode to the Environment and Elegance
In crafting the packaging for Asrìq, our objective was to merge environmental mindfulness with a sense of luxury, ensuring that each product not only stood out on shelves but also provided a sumptuous unboxing experience for e-commerce customers. The packaging’s design was a sophisticated dance between minimalism and allure, designed to transform the act of opening each product into a memorable event.

The centerpiece of our packaging design was the box, reminiscent of a book, that unfolds to reveal its contents. This multifunctional design allows it to double as a chic storage option for jewelry or trinkets. We meticulously selected recycled FSC-certified paper and paperboard, along with wax, to ensure the packaging was 100% recyclable. The box’s versatile nature accommodated the entire beauty product range – body oil, body scrub, or linen perfume – by simply altering the paper inserts.

Externally, each box was adorned with a wax-sealed monogram, adding a touch of classic elegance. Inside, customers discovered a personalized touch: an envelope containing a heartfelt thank you note and a photograph from the founder’s personal collection, evoking the essence of the fragrance’s origin.

For the product containers, our commitment to sustainability guided us towards materials like glass, metal, and sugarcane. The selection of black translucent glass was deliberate, serving to protect the oils from sunlight while setting the tone for the brand’s aesthetic. Accents of gold were introduced to enhance the minimalistic design, creating a striking visual impact.

Special attention was given to the oil bottles, designed with a heavy bottom to counter the risk of slippage, particularly when used post-shower. This consideration in design ensured that the bottles were not only visually appealing but also practical and durable, aligning with the brand’s ethos of combining luxury with functionality.

Essences of Exploration: Asrìq’s Olfactive Map
At the heart of Asrìq’s fragrance collection lies a mosaic of global destinations, each scent a vivid echo of the founder’s travels and the poignant moments of connection and exploration they inspired. This range is more than a set of fragrances; it is a curated anthology of places, each bottle a portal to a specific time and place, crafted to transport the wearer to these moments and locations with authenticity and sensory richness.

In a unique fusion of visual and olfactory artistry, we invited the founder to blend her remarkable photography with the brand’s narrative. This initiative has birthed a series of collectible postcards, each accompanying the fragrances, offering customers a tangible piece of Asrìq’s universe. These postcards serve as a visual complement to the scents, enhancing the experience of exploring different destinations and capturing the essence of each place in both scent and image.

Asrìq’s collection is an invitation to journey through scent, to experience the essence of various destinations in a meaningful way. Each fragrance is a narrative, capturing the spirit of a place and the unique connection it forged, offering an olfactive exploration that is as clean and pure as the experiences that inspired them.

photography on postcards credit: ashleigh sims
the Asrìq Discovery Set: A Prelude to Luxury
In the world of Asrìq, where each fragrance is a journey unto itself, the Discovery Set emerges as a pivotal chapter. Designed thoughtfully for the discerning consumer, this set features samples of all six signature fragrances in a convenient spray form. It serves as an invitation to explore the Asrìq olfactive universe from the comfort of one’s home before making a commitment to a full-size purchase.

Recognizing the importance of personal experience in the luxury fragrance market, the Discovery Set has been instrumental as a business-to-consumer initiative, catalyzing Asrìq’s success in its early stages. It allows customers to immerse themselves in the array of scents, each evoking a unique memory or place, and to identify their personal favorite. This exploratory approach is not only customer-centric but also strategically savvy, as it includes an incentive: a 20% discount on the full-size bottle of the chosen fragrance.

Beyond its practical appeal, the Discovery Set is crafted to be an experience in itself, echoing Asrìq’s commitment to luxury and elegance. The unboxing of the set is designed to be an event, a first encounter with the brand’s ethos of sophistication and quality. Each element, from the packaging to the presentation of the fragrance samples, is a testament to Asrìq’s dedication to creating moments of delight and discovery for its customers.

The Discovery Set, therefore, is more than just a collection of fragrance samples; it’s a gateway to the Asrìq world, a curated experience that guides the customer through scent and sensation, towards finding their ultimate fragrance companion.

ecommerce and digital experience
Asrìq’s e-commerce platform is a digital embodiment of the brand’s physical allure. We meticulously designed a virtual space that reflects the brand’s sophisticated aesthetic and commitment to luxury. The website offers an intuitive user experience, seamlessly guiding customers through an array of scented narratives. Each product page is a journey in itself, inviting visitors to explore the inspirations behind the fragrances, rooted in the founder’s global travels. Through evocative visual storytelling and descriptive copy, customers can immerse themselves in the essence of each location and scent, making the online shopping experience as enriching as it is convenient.

In strategizing Asrìq’s digital presence, our goal was to engage and captivate a worldwide audience. Our content strategy was twofold: to reflect the brand’s luxurious and pure essence and to build a consistent and enthralling online narrative. Across various platforms, we curated content that brought Asrìq’s story to life, connecting followers not just to a product but to a journey of discovery. From the lush visuals that evoke the exotic locations of the fragrances to interactive elements that encourage exploration and engagement, our social media approach was designed to create an online community bound by a shared love for luxury, exploration, and authenticity.