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now booking projects for June

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summary We partnered with Fresh Aesthetics, a high-end cosmetic clinic in Bondi Junction, Sydney, to rebrand their identity and create a seamless online booking platform. This transformation enhanced client loyalty and set them apart in the competitive cosmetic industry.

Fresh Aesthetics, founded in 2018 by Nurse Linda, is dedicated to helping women feel confident and beautiful. She envisioned transforming her Bondi practice, Fresh Aesthetics, into a clinic known for luxury cosmetic care. Overwhelmed with administrative tasks due to a lack of an online booking system, Linda needed a change.

We partnered with Linda to align her brand with the level of care and sophistication she provided. The original branding and website did not captivate or serve the evolving needs of her clientele, notably lacking online booking—a modern necessity. Our strategy included a reimagined brand and a user-friendly digital presence, including a priority booking system for loyal clients, fostering a sense of exclusivity and ease.

The transformation was profound. Linda’s single-nurse operation evolved into a thriving clinic, consistently fully booked, expanding to a team of five, and significantly growing her social media presence 800% in two years.

Key Results

Fully Booked
Consistently achieved a fully booked schedule month after month

Team Expansion
From a solo operation to a team of 5 nurses

Premises Expansion
From a rented room to securing the lease for the entire clinic space in Bondi

800% Social Media Growth
Instagram following skyrocketed from 2k to 18k

Website Traffic
From under 300 visits a month to over 5,000

Operational Efficiency
Streamlined online booking system freed up Linda’s time, enabling focus on client care and business growth

our role

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Website Design
Website Development
Social Media Design
Print Design
Packaging Design

the details

Client: Fresh Aesthetics
Year: 2022-2024
Location: Bondi, Sydney

sustainability in print

Aligning with Fresh Aesthetics’ commitment to luxury and sustainability, we used FSC-certified paper and eco-friendly inks for all printed materials.

The Challenge

Linda’s original branding and website did not capture the essence of her clinic. The logo was too rigid, and the colors were uninspiring. Without an online booking system, Linda spent too much time on administrative tasks, preventing her from focusing on patient care and her practice could not grow further.

Why the Rebrand?

Fresh Aesthetics, led by Nurse Linda, was ready to elevate from a local gem to a premier destination for luxury cosmetic care. Despite her top-notch services, Linda’s brand didn’t reflect the sophistication and quality of her clinic. We stepped in to transform her brand, redefine her visual identity, and build a seamless online booking system. Our efforts led to a fully booked schedule, a growing team, and a strong online presence. The result? A thriving clinic that exudes refined beauty and excellence.

The Logo and icon

The original logo, with its sharp angles, lacked warmth. We introduced a logo with soft curves and full-bodied characters, symbolizing the gentle, natural enhancements Fresh Aesthetics provides. The monogram, crafted from the initials ‘f’ and ‘a,’ subtly conveys a face’s profile, becoming a hallmark of the brand.
the colours
The clinic’s new colour palette reflects Fresh Aesthetics’ belief that subtlety is powerful. Featuring subtle pastels and skin tones reminiscent of a balmy summer’s afternoon, the hues instill a sense of renewal and vitality in Fresh Aesthetics’ clientele, reinforcing a sense of empowerment and allure. Moreover, the palette is rooted in the serene blues of Bondi’s iconic seascape, aligning the clinic’s visuals with its prestigious coastal location.

Our solution

Creatif’s strategic rebranding and digital solutions propelled Fresh Aesthetics to new heights, ensuring a seamless blend of luxury and efficiency.

We embraced Fresh Aesthetics’ ethos, crafting a brand that embodies natural elegance and subtle sophistication. From creating a distinctive logo and icon to developing a user-friendly website, we ensured every detail reflected the clinic’s commitment to beauty and care. Our sustainable choices in print materials further aligned with the brand’s high standards. The comprehensive digital experience, complete with a priority booking system, solidified client loyalty and positioned Fresh Aesthetics as a leader in the industry.

The rebrand led to a thriving clinic with increased client engagement, improved operational efficiency, and significant business growth. Fresh Aesthetics expanded from a solo operation to a team of five nurses, is consistently fully booked, and saw a substantial increase in social media followers.


An Ode to the Environment and Elegance

In our collaboration with Fresh Aesthetics, we committed to aligning luxury with sustainability, ensuring every printed material reflects both the clinic’s high standards and environmental consciousness. We chose FSC-certified paper for all printed materials, including embossed business cards and aftercare cards. This paper is either recycled or sourced from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic, and ecological needs of present and future generations, making it a responsible choice that supports sustainable forest management. Additionally, we utilized eco-friendly inks made from vegetable oils rather than petroleum-based products. These inks are not only better for the environment, as they produce fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but they also offer a safer working environment for printers and a cleaner disposal process.
ecommerce, SEO and digital experience
Transforming the digital presence of Fresh Aesthetics was crucial. The previous website was basic and lacked essential functionalities. We designed a new, user-friendly portal that allows clients to book appointments effortlessly. Understanding Linda’s challenge with managing bookings, we devised an innovative priority booking system. Loyal clients receive a password to access the booking page in advance, ensuring they secure their appointments first. This not only solved Linda’s administrative burden but also created a VIP feel, enhancing client loyalty and generating organic referrals.

To further ease Linda’s workload, we implemented extensive SEO sections and FAQs throughout the website. By anticipating and answering common questions, we put prospective clients at ease and significantly reduced Linda’s time spent on customer service.

THE OUTCOME In the first year since the rebrand, Fresh Aesthetics has grown their following from 4k to 18k on socials, and is consistently booked out having expanded from a single operation at a small room to a team of 5 nurses in their own clinic space in Bondi.

Her clients keep coming back to them and the way they use the booking platform has freed up Linda’s time to focus on servicing more clients skyrocketing their bottom line, and growing the business instead of answering countless questions about bookings.

Fresh Aesthetics now boasts a strong online presence, a loyal client base, and a thriving business model. The clinic’s transformation showcases the power of strategic branding and innovative design.

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KIND WORDS “The rebrand has helped us grow exponentially and achieve new highs for our business. Creatif can truly make a big impact.”

Linda Nguyen, Founder Fresh Aesthetics